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New recording in the works! - Nov 07, 2014

Have been in the studio recording an new ep!  Many thanks to my incredibly talented band...Julie Bavalis, Robin Hunter and Kenton Wiens!  Thank you also to Charles Hughes, who's manning the helm!

Acoustic Guitar Project! Wed Sept 10 @ the WISE Hall - Sep 09, 2014

Come out to the WISE Hall near Commercial Drive.  I'll be playing with Jenny Ritter, Adrian Glynn, Melissa Bandura, Neil Hammond, Jasper Sloan Yip, Lydia Hol, Daniel McBurnie, David Newberry, and Winston Hauschild.  We all had one week to write and record a song with no studio trickery.  Wednesday, we're gonna play the songs!  Here's the fb event... The Acoustic Guitar Project - Vancouver  For more info...The Acoustic Guitar Project For tickets online.... The Acoustic Guitar Project | Northern Tickets

Pride Mainstage this Sunday Aug 3rd! - Jul 31, 2014

Come on down to Sunset Beach mainstage and check out our set at 12:55pm!  Wear something fabulous for the love of the lord!  It's Pride!  Get your freak on people!  This will be a serious party that you don't want to miss!  For deets and map check the shows section.

Acoustic Guitar Project! New Song! - Jun 26, 2014

Check out my new song "The Weakness and the Power"!  Have a listen...Sarah Wheeler | The Acoustic Guitar Project  

It was written in for the Acoustic Guitar Project.  They give you a guitar and a hand held field recorder, and you have one week to write and record a song without any tricks or fancy studio stuff.  Just a guitar, a vocal, and a record button.  It was a great experience, and I'm really happy with how this new song turned out!  

The photo was taken by the lovely and talented Karen Skaret.  Thank you to Lydia Hol for having me as part of the project.

Save the eagle trees! - May 05, 2014

Was on the CBC news trying to save 2 eagle trees near my house.
Eagle tree cutting raises concerns with Vancouver neighbours - British Columbia - CBC News

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